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I'm Bastien Maleplate, your French software engineer. With the hacker mindset, I like breaking into weird things to understand them and use that knowledge back to build awesome software.
My free time is mostly spent building personal projects or trying to understand other person software. I live by the saying "There is no problem without solutions", and remain optimistic even when facing 90's legacy software...
If you got some weird software ideas, I'm your guy !

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Vivaldi / OperaGX Still can't tell which is better :D
Alpine WSL My favorite Linux distro. I even ran it as desktop on my RPi !
PyCharm / Idea Let's get productive with python today !
Joplin / Obsidian Documenting important process is the key
AIMP Listening to webradio keep me awake all weekend
ProcExp64 I do like to see what's eating my RAM
Inkscape When I need cute icons that aren't in FluentUI
Cutter Sometime you have to speak the machine language
ProcMon64 Still can't remember where the logs of that software are stored
Codium When it comes to web front-end dev, it's the best
Fiddler Proxy Debugging native app requests is piece of cake with this !
LibreWolf Thoses days when I feel like testing in firefox
APK Studio I won't trust your application until I fully analysed it
dnSpy The only cool way to understand vendor toolkits
CMD / Python The most openned window on my desktop (after browser tabs)
Windows is my favorite OS !


Python 3
Log Parsing
Python ETL
WebApp / Reporting Dashboard
Data Processing & Analysis
Canvas / PixiJS
Java 8
Windows API
Malware RE
Self-Hosting software
PyGame / MIDI
DNS managing
And many more !

I first worked with Python, JavaScript and Java a decade ago and they'll still essential part of my tool kit nowadays.
Thought the years I made a lot of projects with different frameworks like Flask, FastAPI or even GUI frameworks like PySide or TKinter.
From my SysAdmin & DevOps experiences, I had to work quite a lot with Batch and ETL scripts that I usually get done in Python.
I won't repeat myself! Automating and Documenting tasks is my rule: I get my work done in a repeatable way.
Lastly, I decided to work more on the front-end with TypeScript and my Partner in Crime Svelte.

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What's next ?

Although I’m not currently looking for a new job, my inbox is always open. If you have a question or just want to say hello, I'll do my best to get back to you!

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