REImu Watch

June 2021

REImu Watch dashboard


REImu was an IoT project to apply Machine Leaning models to sensor data. I worked with the data outputted form the ML model to create visualisations on a simple dashboard.


Using SvelteJS and TailwindCSS for the front-end, I had a simple python script that got called on-demand that regenerated the database with last values.

The charts are made with Apex Charts and got integrated with SvelteJS thanks to data binding.

To keep itself updated, the webpage would periodically fetch the database and looking at the HTTP result code would know if the data where changed. The SvelteJS reactive process worked pretty well, and I didn’t have to think much on how to update the document.

Finally, I wrote an “Export” button to quickly get the data on Excel or any other tool.

Dashboard in action

You can get a Page Screenshot from late June on how the page looked like (no Javascript, just global design)

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