May 2021

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Working with some XML-based synoptic, I had to often search for a specific sensor or filter them by location.

I wrote an XML parser in Python that would extract information from files, transform them into a search-friendly format and finally index them into a small database.


Using some fetch promise I gathered the up-to-date index and loaded it into a really simple Svelte application. Using the LunrJS search engine, I built a simple pagination and ranking system.

TailwindCSS helped me to get a modern-looking interface and quick responsiveness. Their list component worked well with the results list and allowed me to set a structured page that have nowadays best practises.

Information update

Last step was to create an automatic task that would regenerate the database on demand. Since all the site is static with no server-side generation, I had to thinker on how to update the main database. I changed my simple script to be called remotely using XMLRPC tasks protected by passwords.

Finally, I created a simple front-end for the script using Python TKinter, that would simplify running script management. I re-used it on the REImu Watch project to automate its generation behaviour since both shared the same architecture !

Simple WatchDog to automate tasks

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    O3one MQ

    Based on the lightweight ØMQ protocol, this tool was a hands-on message broker project.
    It integrates a Flask based REST API and a Bootstrap 4 front-end with Jinja2 templates. MMAP was the chosen way of transporting data.

    • ØMQ
    • Python
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  • Hotel Booking Engine


    Re-Implementing UX from popular booking website to make a smooth and responsive booking UX (even on mobile !) and see where it goes

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  • Status Page

    Server status page

    I build my own simple status page to display service status and monitor downtimes

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